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Job Impact Exemption Statement - 6 NYCRR Parts 595-599

Repeal of:

6 NYCRR Part 595, Releases of Hazardous Substances
6 NYCRR Part 596, Hazardous Substance Bulk Storage Regulations
6 NYCRR Part 597, List of Hazardous Substances

Addition of:

6 NYCRR Part 596, Hazardous Substance Bulk Storage Facility Registration
6 NYCRR Part 597, Hazardous Substances Identification, Release Prohibition, and Release Reporting

Amendments to:

6 NYCRR Part 598, Handling and Storage of Hazardous Substances
6 NYCRR Part 599, Standards for New Hazardous Substance Tank Systems (formerly Standards for New or Modified Hazardous Substance Storage Facilities)

In accordance with Section 201-a(2)(a) of the State Administrative Procedure Act, a Job Impact Statement has not been prepared for this rule making as it is not expected to create a substantial adverse impact on jobs and employment opportunities in New York State (State). This rule making is principally aimed at harmonizing the existing State requirements (currently established at 6 NYCRR Parts 595 through 599) with the federal requirements (found at 40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 280 and 302, and amendments to Subtitle I of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 42 United States Code sections 6991 through 6991m). Many regulated entities with underground tank systems should find it easier and less expensive to comply with State regulatory requirements because they would be more consistent with federal regulatory requirements. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) anticipates that this would result in increased compliance. The Department is also updating the list of hazardous substances subject to regulation consistent with the mandate of Environmental Conservation Law section 37-0103(2)(c). Since this rule making consists of a harmonization of existing requirements and the incorporation of existing statutory changes into regulation, there would be no change to existing job opportunities.

The Department concludes that this regulatory proposal would not have a substantial adverse impact on jobs within the State.

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