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2011 Enforcement Actions

Below is a list of executed Region 4 Orders on Consent, which are legally binding agreements between the department and parties that have violated environmental laws or regulations. The agreements typically entail a fine and/or a Schedule of Compliance, which outlines actions that parties must undertake to remedy any given violation(s). To obtain copies of the orders, please contact the Region 4 Freedom of Information Office at (518) 357-2046.

December 2011

John Deere Landscapes (Pesticide violations, C/Albany) - December 30

N. H. Kelman (Multi-media violations, C/Cohoes, Albany County) - December 30

Hughes Landscape & Design (Pesticide violations, T/Bethlehem, Albany County) - December 28

SI Group Inc. (Wastewater violations, T/Rotterdam, Schenectady County) - December 20

Johnston & Rhodes Bluestone Co. (Petroleum storage violations, T/Hancock, Delaware County) - December 13

Town of Greenville (Wastewater violations, Greene County) - December 5

Buckeye Partners (Air violation, C/Albany) - December 2

City of Amsterdam (Wastewater violations, Montgomery County) - December 1

November 2011

J. C. Ehrlich Co. (Pesticide violations, C/Schenectady) - November 28

John F. Cahill Jr. (Stream protection violation, T/Hoosick, Rensselaer County) - November 23

City of Rensselaer (Solid waste violation, Rensselaer County) - November 21

EcoLab Inc. (Pesticide violations, T/Rotterdam, Schenectady County) - November 15

Michael Lasofsky (Water/stream protection violations, T/Colchester, Delaware County) - November 14

Masonville Stone (Mining violation, T/Masonville, Delaware County) - November 14

Al Travis/ART Technologies (Mining violation, T/Maryland, Otsego County) - November 11

Sowle's Auto Body (Air violation, T/Davenport, Delaware County) - November 9

R. J. Valente Gravel (Stormwater violations, T/Grafton, Rensselaer County) - November 3

October 2011

Unadilla Game Farm (Wildlife violation, T/Unadilla, Otsego County) - October 24

Rensselaer County Sewer District (Air violations) - October 20

Ronald Wilday Jr. (Wildlife violations, T/Bethlehem, Albany County) - October 18

Thomas Francisco/Putnam Pest Control (Pesticide violation, C/Oneonta, Otsego County) - October 11

Stanislaw Masztalerz (Stream protection violation, T/Lexington, Greene County) - October 11

Neil Gardner (Stream protection violation, T/Stephentown, Rensselaer County) - October 7

Mountainside Farms/Worcester Creameries (Wastewater modification, T/Roxbury, Delaware County) - October 4

Marek Gurin (Pesticide violations, C/Albany) - October 4

Williams Tire and Auto (Petroleum storage violations, T/New Berlin, Otsego County) - October 3

Town & Country Bridge and Rail (Stream protection violation, T/Worcester, Otsego County ) - October 3

September 2011

John Lomans/APR LLC (Wastewater/hazardous materials violations, T/Middleburgh, Schoharie County) - September 27

Johnston & Rhodes Bluestone Co. (Mining violations, T/Colchester, Delaware County) - September 19

Walter Snyder Printer (Air violations, C/Troy, Rensselaer County) - September 16

VanSlyke Belting (Mining violations, T/Poestenkill, Rensselaer County) - September 12

TruGreen LP (Pesticide violations, T/Sidney, Delaware County) - September 9

August 2011

Town of Andes Hwy Dept. (Petroleum storage violations, Delaware County) - August 30

Town of Pittsfield (Petroleum storage violations, Otsego County) - August 23

City of Watervliet (Wastewater violations, Albany County) - August 23

R. J. Valente Gravel (Mining violations, T/Poestenkill, Rensselaer County) - August 11

Jon Petrecky (Stormwater violations, T/New Scotland, Albany County) - August 3

Town of North Greenbush (Wastewater violations, Rensselaer County) - August 1

July 2011

Bonnie Plant Farm (Petroleum storage violations, T/Pittsfield, Otsego County) - July 27

Village of Valatie (Wastewater violations, Columbia County) - July 21

Dann Ocean Towing Co. (Petroleum spill violation, T/Bethlehem, Albany County) - July 21

Northstar Express Inc. (Petroleum spill violation, C/Albany) - July 21

Getty Properties Corp. (Petroleum storage violations, T/Rotterdam, Schenectady County) - July 15

Olsen's Hardware & Garden Center (Pesticide violations, T/Bethlehem, Albany County) - July 15

Carmine Bruzzesi (Stream protection violation, T/Kortright, Delaware County) - July 15

Holcim (US) Inc. - (Petroleum storage violations, T/Catskill, Greene County) - July 14

Arett Sales Corporation (Pesticide violations, T/Guilderland, Albany County) - July 13

Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints - (Petroleum storage violations, T/Schoharie, Schoharie County) - July 12

Munro Muffler/Brake - (Petroleum storage violations, C/Hudson, Columbia County) - July 6

June 2011

Katherine Lubrant/Arrest-a-Pest Exterminating (Pesticide violations, C/Schenectady) - June 30

Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions (Air violation, V/Scotia, Schenectady County) - June 29

Northeast Pest Control (Pesticide violations, C/Troy, Rensselaer County) - June 27

Northeast Treaters of NY (Petroleum storage violations, T/Athens, Greene County) - June 24

Michael McManus (Air violations, C/Albany) - June 23

Catlyn & Derzee Inc. (Stormwater violations, T/North Greenbush, Rensselaer County) - June 21

Hewitt's Garden Center (Pesticide violations, C/Albany) - June 21

Fonda Fultonville Joint Sewer Board (Wastewater violations, V/Fonda, Montgomery County) - June 14

Town of Otsego (Petroleum storage violations, Otsego County) - June 13

Power and Composite Technologies (Hazardous waste violations, T/Amsterdam, Montgomery County) - June 7

Town of Oneonta (Petroleum storage violations, Otsego County) - June 6

New Loudon Road Associates (Wetland violation, T/Colonie, Albany County) - June 2

May 2011

Platinum Pest Control (Pesticide violations, T/Colonie, Albany County) - May 19

Otsego County (Wastewater violation, V/Cooperstown) - May 19

Annmarie Ennis (Stream protection violation, T/Roxbury, Delaware County) - May 17

E-lot Electronics Recycling (Open burning violation, C/Troy, Rensselaer County) - May 9

Sabic Innovative Plastics (Air violations, T/Bethlehem, Albany County) - May 6

Robert Compton (Solid waste violation, T/Roxbury, Delaware County) - May 3

April 2011

Michael Greco (Wastewater violations, V/Hunter, Greene County) - April 29

Town of Colonie (Wetland violations, Albany County) - April 28

Big Lots Stores (Phosphorus violation, C/Troy, Rensselaer County) - April 25

Hancock Golf and Country Club (Pesticide violation, T/Hancock, Delaware County) - April 5

March 2011

Capitol Cleaners (Air violations, T/Colonie, Albany County) - March 30

SI Group (Air violations, T/Rotterdam, Schenectady County) - March 22

Alenza/DeAngelo Brothers (Pesticide violation, T/Delhi, Delaware County) - March 9

Charles Irving (Air violations, V/Ravena, Albany County) - March 9

Ottman and Enders (Petroleum storage violations, T/Schoharie, Schoharie County) - March 8

Carver Sand and Gravel (Mining violations, T/Middleburgh, Schoharie County) - March 4

Steve Bauch (Air violations, V/Kinderhook, Columbia County) - March 1

February 2011

Safety-Kleen Systems (Hazardous waste violations, C/Cohoes, Albany County) - February 28

Michael Urbaitis (Air violations, V/Kinderhook, Columbia County) - February 25

Eklund Farm Machinery (Petroleum storage violations, T/Harpersfield, Delaware County) - February 25

Shaker Mt. Canning Co. (Wastewater violation, T/New Lebanon, Columbia County) - February 23

Columbia County (Wastewater violations) - February 18

Henry Adams (Stream protection/stormwater violations, T/Milford, Otsego County) - February 14

The Noteworthy Company (Air violations, C/Amsterdam, Montgomery County) - February 3

January 2011

Schoharie County DPW (Stream protection violation, T/Jefferson) - January 31

Donald Hogan/Hogan's General Store (Petroleum storage violations, T/Andes, Delaware County) - January 31

Salvatore Cascino (Air and solid waste violations, T/Copake, Columbia County) - January 20

City of Watervliet (Dam safety violation, T/Colonie, Albany County) - January 13

Ross Valve Manufacturing Company (Air violation, C/Troy, Rensselaer County) - January 13

True Value Company (Pesticide violation, V/Cobleskill, Schoharie County) - January 13

Raymond Lemka (Wastewater violation, T/Schodack, Rensselaer County) - January 7

Village of Fort Plain (Stream protection/water quality violations, Montgomery County) - January 5

Aramark Management Services (Pesticide violations, C/Oneonta, Otsego County) - January 5

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