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Commissioner's Policies

A Commissioner Policy has department-level implications and warrants department-level attention for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Affects more than one office
  • Significantly affects one or more external or governmental entities
  • Deals with an issue or process of extreme sensitivity
  • Deals with an issue or process on which the Commissioner chooses to take a position or make a statement
Commissioner's Policies
Policy Name
CP-1 The DEC Policy System (PDF)
CP-3 Motorized Access Program for People with Disabilities
CP-17 Administrative Use of Motor Vehicles and Aircraft in the Forest Preserve (PDF)
CP-29 Environmental Justice and Permitting
CP-34 Using EMSs and Other Environmental Performance Improvement Tools in Department Programs (PDF)
CP-35 Internet Privacy Policy
CP-36 Cooperating Forester Program
CP-37 Environmental Benefit Projects
CP-38 Forest Preserve Roads (PDF)
CP-42 Contact, Cooperation, and Consultation With Indian Nations (PDF)
CP-43 Groundwater Monitoring Well Decommissioning Policy (PDF)
CP-44 Natural Resource Damages Policy
CP-45 Procedure to Demonstrate Compliance with Financial Test Requirements of Financial Assurance Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management Facilities
CP-49 Climate Change and DEC Action
CP-51 Soil Cleanup Guidance (PDF)
CP-52 Best Technology Available (BTA) for Cooling Water Intake Structures (PDF)
CP-53 Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Procedure
CP-58 Volunteer Stewardship Agreements
CP-59 Environmental Audit Incentive Policy
CP-60 Screening and Assessment of Contaminated Sediment (PDF)
CP-64 Environmental Monitoring Services (PDF)
CP-66 Proper Pharmaceutical Disposal (PDF)
CP-67 New York Green Business
CP-71 Acquisition and Use of Unmanned Aircraft (PDF)
CP-76 CP-76 Federal Civil Rights Nondiscrimination Policy and Complaint Procedures for Non-Employment Related Complaints (PDF)

More about Commissioner's Policies:

  • Commissioner Policy 29, Environmental Justice and Permitting - This policy provides guidance for incorporating environmental justice concerns into the DEC's environmental permit review process and the DEC application of the State Environmental Quality Review Act and also incorporates environmental justice concerns into some aspects of the DEC's enforcement program, grants program and public participation provisions.
  • CP-44 / Natural Resource Damages Policy - This Policy identifies the commitment by the Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) to the operation of a comprehensive Natural Resource Damages (NRD) Program to enable the Commissioner, as the designated Trustee for State natural resources, to fulfill his/her legal obligation to act on behalf of the public to recover damages for injuries to natural resources and to use any recovered damages to restore or replace those injured resources.
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