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The mission of the Division of Law Enforcement (DLE) is "to protect and enhance the environment and natural resources of the State of New York while also protecting the health and safety of its people through the enforcement of Environmental Conservation and related laws and public education."

Director of DLE, Karen Przyklek says, "as public servants, our Environmental Conservation Police Officers and Investigators are committed to providing the best possible services to the citizens and visitors of the State of New York. The primary mission of the Division of Law Enforcement is to protect the people and resources of the State of New York. This mission is accomplished by over 330 sworn members of the Division of Law Enforcement. They focus their efforts on Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) enforcement although they are empowered to enforce all laws of the state. Their mission encompasses two broad enforcement areas. We have an obligation to respond to the increasing public demands in a way that is timely and respectful."

Since 1978, NYS ECOs have been assisted by uniquely trained K9s - watch a video about how these K9s are trained and how they assist our ECOs.

Duties of the Division of Law Enforcement

Fish & wildlife enforcement:

  • addressing complaints of poaching;
  • the illegal sale of endangered species; and
  • checking hunters, fishermen, trappers, and commercial fishermen (lobsters, clams, bait fish, food fish) for compliance.

Environmental quality enforcement:

  • investigating timber thefts;
  • illegal water pollution;
  • improper use or application of pesticides;
  • commercial vehicles producing excessive emissions;
  • freshwater and saltwater wetland degradation;
  • illegal mining; and
  • almost any area that affects air, land, or water quality law violations.

Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigations

  • investigating significant environmental crimes including misdemeanors and felonies.

Do you want to learn more about the duties of an ECO? Read the latest Environmental Police on Patrol stories, written by New York State Environmental Conservation Officers and Investigators in the field.

Contact an Environmental Conservation Police Officer

To contact an Environmental Conservation Police Officer or report suspected violations, call the DEC Law Enforcement Dispatch Center at 1-844-DEC-ECOs (1-844-332-3267) or use the online reporting system to report and environmental problem.

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