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Hearing Office Guidance Documents

Guide to Permit Hearings

  • Guide to Permit Hearings - A permit hearing offers the public an opportunity to participate in DEC project review. This document gives an overview of the DEC permit hearing process.
  • Guide to Permit Hearings (Spanish) - Una audiencia para obtener permiso ofrece al público una oportunidad de participar en el análisis del proyecto de DEC. Este documento ofrece una perspectiva general del proceso de audiencia de DEC para obtener un permiso.

Guide to Enforcement Hearings

  • Guide to Enforcement Hearings - This guide was written to help you understand the enforcement hearing procedure used by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). It explains the hearing process from when the charges are made to the Decision by the Commissioner.
  • Guide to Enforcement Hearings (Spanish) - Esta guía tiene como objeto facilitar la comprensión del procedimiento utilizado en las audiencias ejecutorias del Departamento de Conservación Ambiental del Estado de Nueva York (DEC, por sus siglas en inglés).

Guide to Mediation

  • Guide to Mediation - This guide will help answer your questions about mediation services provided by DEC's Office of Hearings and Mediation Services (OHMS).
  • Guide to Mediation (Spanish) - Esta guía ayudará a responder sus preguntas acerca de los servicios ADR proporcionados por la Oficina de Audiencias y Servicios de Intermediación de DEC.

Guidance Memoranda

Several of the Organization & Delegation ("O&D") Memoranda continue to provide guidance with respect to hearing procedures in the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services. These include the following:

December 1993 Comments/Response Document

In 1994, the Department substantially revised the regulations governing administrative enforcement proceedings (6 NYCRR part 622) and permit hearing proceedings (6 NYCRR part 624). As part of the regulatory amendment process, the Department issued in December 1993 a Comments/Response Document (PDF) which provides further details and elaboration on the regulatory revisions.

More about Hearing Office Guidance Documents:

  • Part 622 Annotations - Annotations from selected Commissioner orders and decisions and ALJ rulings from 2003 to the present. Please refer to the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services's Hearings and Decisions website page for the full text of the orders, decisions and rulings that are referenced in the annotations.
  • Guide to Mediation - Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR): (1) reduce litigation costs; (2) avoid delays associated with litigation; (3) recognize the need to cooperate and communicate; and (4) shift the focus of decision-making from others to you.
  • Guide to Mediation in Spanish - Beneficios de la intermediación y otras formas alternativas de resolución de disputas (ADR) Reduce los costos de litigios Evita retrasos ocasionados por los litigios Reconoce la necesidad de cooperar y comunicarse Cambia el enfoque de la toma de decisiones de otros a usted
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