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Job Impact Statement - Proposed Part 496

Job Impact Statement

6 NYCRR Part 496, Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits

1. Nature of Impact:

The proposed rule does not itself impose any direct impacts on the State, but future actions by the Department and other State agencies to implement the requirements of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act will consider these impacts as necessary and appropriate. This includes as part of any Department rulemaking actions pursuant to the State Administrative Procedure Act.

2. Categories and Numbers Affected:

The proposed rule does not impose a compliance requirement on any entity, and therefore does not directly affect any jobs.

3. Regions of Adverse Impact:

The proposed rulemaking applies statewide. There are no regions of the state where jobs or employment opportunities are expected to be adversely impacted by this rule.

4. Minimizing Adverse Impact:

As detailed above, this rule is not expected to have a significant adverse impact on jobs and employment.