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Rural Area Flexibility Analysis - Proposed Part 496

Rural Area Flexibility Analysis

6 NYCRR Part 496, Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emission Limit

1. Types and Estimated Numbers of Rural Areas:

The proposed rulemaking will apply statewide and there are no requirements in the proposed rule that would apply only to rural areas.

2. Reporting, Record Keeping and Other Compliance Requirements; and Professional Services:

There are no reporting, record keeping or other requirements in the proposed rulemaking therefore there is no specific need for entities to contract for professional services.

3. Costs:

The proposed rule does not impose a compliance requirement on any entity, and therefore does not directly impose any costs on any regulated entities.

4. Minimizing Adverse Impact:

The Department has considered the issues and determined that Part 496 will not have an adverse impact on rural areas.

5.Rural Area Participation:

The Department conducted pre-proposal, stakeholder outreach starting the date on which the CLCPA went into effect, or January 1, 2020, through May, 2020. This included two public webinars held on February 14 and 28, 2020 to discuss the scope and key considerations of this rulemaking.