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Adopted Part 620 Express Terms

Part 620 of 6 NYCRR is amended to read as follows:

Subdivision 620.1(a) remains unchanged.

Subdivisions 620.1(b) through (e) are amended to read as follows:

(b) 'Commissioner' means the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation of the State of New York or the commissioner's [duly authorized representative] designee.

(c) 'Department' means the Department of Environmental Conservation of the State of New York.

(d) 'Department staff' means those department personnel participating in the hearing, but does not include the commissioner, any personnel of the Office of Hearings and Mediation Services, the ALJ or [those] any person advising or consulting with [them] the commissioner or ALJ.

(e) 'Person' means any individual, [firm, partnership, association, corporation, trust, and estate; any State department, agency, board, public benefit corporation, public authority or commission; or any unit of local government, including any village, town, city, county, board district, commission, governing body, and any other political subdivision of the State] public or private corporation, limited liability company, bi-state authority, political subdivision, government agency, department or bureau of the State, municipality, industry, partnership, association, firm, trust, estate or any legal entity whatsoever.

Subdivision 620.1(f) through Section 620.4 remain unchanged.

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