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Adopted Part 226, Solvent Cleaning Processes and Industrial Cleaning Solvents

The Department has revised 6 NYCRR Part 226 'Solvent Metal Cleaning Processes' and attendant changes to Part 201. This regulation currently applies to the cleaning of metal by specific cleaning processes using various types of solvents and cleaning equipment (like sinks or washing machines) The revised lowers the volatile organic compound (VOC) content limit of a particular type of cleaning process called 'cold cleaning'. It also eliminates the distinction that the rule only applies to the cleaning of metal. The existing Part 226 has been re-designated Subpart 226-1, to accommodate the addition of a new rule, Subpart 226-2 'Industrial Cleaning Solvents'. This new regulation establishes VOC content limits for cleaning solvents used in operations not covered by other regulations. The purpose of this rulemaking is to reduce the emissions of VOCs to the atmosphere from current cleaning processes and by adding regulatory limits to solvent cleaning operations not currently regulated.

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