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So much of the work DEC does every day is based on conditions at locations across the state, and we rely on maps to analyze data and communicate important information. Nearly every part of DEC uses maps every day, and much of our mapped data is available for public use. Follow the links below to find maps on all topics.

Interactive Maps

A google maps view of boat launch sites in New York State
An online map view of DEC owned or operated
boat launch sites on New York State waters.

Each interactive map contains data on a certain topic or theme, including nature, environmental facilities, and minerals. You can use interactive tools to explore the data and create customized maps.

DEC's newest interactive maps include:

  • DECinfo Locator - access documents and public data pertaining to the environmental quality of sites, as well as outdoor recreation opportunities.
  • NYHABS - view locations of current freshwater harmful algal blooms (HABs) in NYS.

Go to DEC's interactive maps page for additional online maps.

Google Earth and ESRI Maps

Google Earth and ESRI Maps show you DEC's data on a wide variety of topics in interactive maps with satellite imagery, photographs, local business information and driving directions. Google Earth allows map data to be viewed in a 3D virtual environment.

A google earth view of ski trails in a section of the Adirondacks
Google Earth view of existing crosscountry
ski trails in a part of the Adirondacks.

Static and Printable Map Collection

DEC has made many of our maps available in PDF form, ideal for printing. Some of these PDFs are also georeferenced, allowing them to use the GPS information on your phome to portable device to add extra features.

You can find maps for:

Geodata Inventory

DEC's Geodata Inventory can be browsed at the NYS GIS Clearinghouse. The metadata for each dataset provides descriptive information about how, when and by whom a specific set of data was collected and how the data is formatted and accessed. Some data sets are available for download as shapefiles, and some can be downloaded and viewed in products like Google Earth.

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