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DECinfo Locator is a map-based way to easily access many documents and public data pertaining to the environmental quality of specific sites in New York State, as well as the many outdoor recreational opportunities DEC makes available within the state.

By searching for a specific location on this map or zooming into your county, you will see location icons to click. You can view and download documents and information about that facility in the Environmental Quality Map View and recreational activities for a location in the Outdoor Recreational Map View.

pop-up box showing information about water assessment
Some locations have multiple information layers
so click on the arrow to look at others

Map Views

Information layers for icons are stacked; some locations may have multiple data records so look to see it has 1 of 2, 3 or 4 in the pop-up box. Within each view, you can turn on additional information layers by clicking Information in the upper left hand corner of the Legend. ***This limited prototype is for demonstration purposes ONLY. It provides a few information layers only and some of the data will be updated. *** Additional locations, documents and data will be added in the next version of DECinfo Locator.

This tool and available data are maintained by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Icons represent the availability of data, not necessarily the presence of contamination or other problems.

Please take our short feedback survey (only 5 questions) after using the prototype so we can make improvements with the next version. More information layers are coming, so let us know which ones you would like to see in the survey.

Available Functionality

You can access documents and data by clicking on any location icon you see on the map. More icons appear when you zoom in closer. There are a number of features you can use within the mapping interface. These are located in the left panel of the map.

  • Search Near Me - you can search facilities and locations by address or zip code, and also set a location pin up to a 15 mile radius. You can access documents and data by clicking on the facility name in the category drop down list.
  • Legend - shows the symbol for each category of facilities and locations we have available data sets/documents.
  • Information List - you can determine which category of facilities and locations you want shown on the map. You can turn each off and on by clicking the check box. All layers are available in each view
  • Basemap Gallery - you can change the background map view. If you zoom into a particular location, switching to the Imagery with Labels view will show more details, including land boundaries and buildings. The default is set to Streets View.

Map terms are linked from each facility detail box, as well as described on our map terms web page.

Why There Are So Many Map Icons

You will see many facility icons on the Environmental Quality Map View. As with any typical urban area in New York State, there are a number of municipal and industrial facilities that are permitted by DEC. Through the permitting process, DEC monitors any releases to help protect the environment and human health.

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