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Click to launch the DECinfo Locator Map - search or zoom into the map until the "*Layer becomes visible when you zoom in on the map" alert disappears. To find a state land or trail, click on the Outdoor Activity tab in the map legend.

DECinfo Locator is an interactive map that lets you access DEC documents and public data about the environmental quality of specific sites in New York State, as well as outdoor recreation information.

With more than 80 data layers available, this is the first application that shows both environmental quality monitoring and natural resource information together in one place. If you were looking for outdoor recreation destinations, this new DECinfo Locator recreation map view contains the information, plus more.

This tool and available information are maintained by DEC. Icons represent the availability of information, not necessarily the presence of contamination or other problems.

Tell Us What You Think

Please take our short feedback survey so we can continue making improvements. More information layers will be continuously be added, so let us know which ones you would like included.

How to Use the Map

***Be sure to search for a location or zoom into an area of the map until the layer list names turn black. You can then activate the layers you want and icons will appear on the map.

pop-up box showing information about water assessment
Note: some locations have multiple information records
so click on the arrow to look at others

You can determine which category of facilities and locations you want shown on the map. You can turn each off and on by clicking the check box. Layers are available when you zoom in close enough for the "*Layer becomes visible when you zoom in on the map" alert to disappear and the layer name turns black in the legend.

Pop-up Windows
Clicking on an icon, shaded area, trail or road within a data layer will open a pop-up window with more information about that location. When more than one record is available, an arrow will appear at the top of the window. Clicking on the arrow lets you scroll to additional information. Links will be provided to data available for each record related to the selected location.

Information layers and terms are described on our layer description web page.

You can zoom in using the scroll wheel on your mouse, by using the + or - buttons in the upper left of the screen, or by left clicking on an item of interest to open a pop-up window and clicking on "zoom to" at the bottom the window. You can also pan around the map by holding down a left click and dragging the mouse cursor in any direction.

The search tab in the left-hand window allows you to search for information by:

  • Address
  • Municipality
  • Place Name (such as "Seneca Lake" or "Mount Marcy")
  • County

Once you select a search criteria, type in what you are looking for. You can then choose from the list of search results or, if you don't find what you are looking for, try searching by a different name or criteria.

Search Near Me
You can search facilities and locations by address or zip code, or you can set a location pin to search within a radius of as large as 10 miles. You can access documents and information by clicking on the facility name in the category drop-down list.

Measure Tool
You can measure by:

  • Point - lat/long
  • Line - distance
  • Polygon - area

Printing the Map
To print a map, use the Printing Tool found under the tools tab in the left-hand window. Pick a title for your map, include your name, if you want, and then select a size from the drop-down menu before clicking on "Generate Map." To print the legend page, type Ctrl + P, or right-click on the window and select "print" from the pop-up menu.
NOTE: Printing from DECinfo Locator may require you to disable any pop-up blockers you are using, depending on your browser.

  • Printout Title (optional)
  • Author information (optional)
  • Printout template

Basemap Gallery
You can change the background map view. If you zoom in to a particular location, switching to the Imagery with Labels view will show more detail, including land boundaries and buildings. The default is set to topographical.

Why There Are So Many Map Icons

You will see many facility icons on the Environmental Quality tab. As with any typical urban area in New York State, there are a number of municipal and industrial facilities that are permitted by DEC. Through the permitting process, DEC monitors any releases to help protect the environment and human health.

Terms and Conditions for Using DECinfo Locator

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If you run into difficulty using the map, please call 518-402-8013. If you find errors in the data, please email us and identify the data layer and location. We will work with program staff to correct the information.

Other GIS Resources

If you are interested in downloading GIS data layers available from DEC, you can visit the

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