Department of Environmental Conservation

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Volume 75, Number 1

August, 2020

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A photo of a sweat bee on a flower

Backyard Pollinators--Going Native and Providing a Haven

by Molly Jacobson

page 2

A photo of Dia the sniffer dog

A Dog's Nose Knows How to Help Fight Invasives

by Paula Piatt

page 6

A photo of people taking part in a 5K walk

Strides Through an Urban Trail

by Melissa Corcoran Hopkins

page 10

A photo of a black saddlebags skimmer dragonfly resting on a plant

New York's Damselflies and Dragonflies--Acrobats of the Air

by Cole Gilbert and Frances Fawcett

page 15

A photo of a tree being planted

How to Plant a Tree Successfully

by Christina McLaughlin and Dan Gaidasz

page 19

A photo of a monarch butterfly newly emerged from a chrysalis

A Monarch Metamorphosis

by Jessica Cancelliere; photos by Elizabeth Marshall

page 22

A photo of people at a farmer's market

New York's Investments in a Healthy Environment & Justice

by Rosa Mendez

page 24

A photo of a blind at Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area

Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area

by Heidi Kennedy

page 26


On Patrol

by Conservationist Staff

page 14


by Conservationist Staff

page 28


Includes feature Ask the Biologist

by Jeremy Taylor and Eileen Stegemann

page 30

Back Trails

Bjørnen Drikker Vann (The bear drinks water)

by Dave Nelson

page 32