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Be Green Organic Yards NY

Graphic of the Be Green organic yards NY service mark

A view of a house, lawn with gazebo and pond in the foreground
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Want a beautiful yard using organic practices without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers?

Businesses that participate in DEC's Be Green Organic Yards NY program can take care of your lawn, plants, and trees organically.

When you hire a Be Green business, only products and materials that meet DEC's conditions for organic management should be used in your yard. The conditions include prohibitions against certain pest management practices.

Why Use an Organic Approach?

A side view of a white house with shrubs and lawn
Photo: Susan Shafer

The organic approach focuses on preventing problems before they occur, and building a sustainable landscape that is healthy for all - plants, wildlife, pets, and people.

Be Green landscape services can range from a simple regimen of weeding, mulching and pruning, to all aspects of yard care, including plant selection and tree and lawn installation and maintenance.

Homeowners in many areas of the country are choosing organic yard care management, as a way of reducing their risk of exposure to pesticides and potential hazards for family, pets and the environment.

How Be Green Organic Yards NY Works

Graphic of the Be Green Organic Yards NY service mark

Be Green businesses sign an agreement with DEC for the right to use the Be Green service mark (logo). In return, businesses agree that, when they provide Be Green services, they will avoid the synthetic pesticides and other materials prohibited by the organic conditions as they are defined in the agreement. The businesses also take an introductory Be Green training course that explains the conditions of the Be Green agreement and introduces the basic concepts of organic lawn care.

The Be Green program is not a license or a certification to apply pesticides. While an organic approach focuses on a process oriented solution, rather than a product oriented solution, there are still many pesticides that can be used under the Be Green program. The commercial use of even those organic approved pesticides requires pesticide applicator certification issued by the DEC.

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How to Find a Be Green Business

Homeowners and commercial customers looking for organic yard care can visit our web site for a list of Be Green Businesses. As with any business, customers should make themselves familiar with an individual business' experience and qualifications before hiring.

To Learn More About Organic Lawn Care

Interested in learning more about the nuts and bolts of organic landscaping? Take a look at DEC's resources on Green Lawns and Gardens.

How to Become a Be Green Organic Yards NY Business or Course Provider

Course providers, landscapers and other yard care professionals - learn more about the Be Green program and use of the Be Green service mark. DEC provides information on how to participate in Be Green as a course provider or business, including the service mark agreement, application forms, and helpful instructions.

Be Green Organic Yards NY Brochure

A brochure was developed to promote and to provide information to consumers about the Be Green Organic Yards NY program and organic landscape services. Save and print a copy for your use. A high resolution file is available for professional printing upon request.

Be Green Organic Yards NY Brochure (PDF) (497 KB)
(print in landscape mode and flip on the short edge)

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