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Public Safety

At times, environmental conditions can threaten the health and safety of New Yorkers. DEC's press bulletins and website carry warnings when hazardous conditions threaten, and provide further information if an emergency develops. DEC's Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers play key roles in assisting citizens during certain types of health and safety emergencies.

Forest Fire Risk

During fire season, the Fire Danger Map , which shows the risk of forest fires in all areas of the state, is posted daily.

NY-ALERT Emergency Notification Service

Also, the New York State Emergency Management Office has a free web subscription service (NY-ALERT) that provides subscribers with automatic notification of emergency situations from floods and hurricanes to incidents of public violence. Subscribers will be able to receive this information via e-mail, telephone, cellular device text messages, fax, pager or on the web through a Really Simple Syndicate (RSS) reader. NY-ALERT is short for New York State's All Hazards Alert and Notification System and can be accessed by the link in the right column.

Other Health and Safety Information

If you are going hiking or planning on being outdoors for hunting, fishing skiing or other forms of recreation, please look at our Outdoor Safety page before you head out. It could save your life.

Drought Conditions - this drought index is intended primarily for guidance to public water suppliers. See also Drought Facts for general information about drought stages.

Air Quality Index - get today's forecast for ozone and fine particles.

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