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Recent Grant Awards

2019 Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant Awardees


  • Columbia Land Conservancy, Inc., fiscal sponsor for The Friends of Oakdale Lake: $100,000. The Oakdale Lake Watershed Analysis and Amelioration Project includes research, public information, and improvement recommendations to help improve the water at Oakdale Lake.

  • Radix Ecological Sustainability Center: $100,000. The Albany South End Environmental Justice Project Expansion 2019, will help expand the project, a partnership between the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center and AVillage, Inc.

  • Affordable Housing Partnership of the Capital Region, Inc. fiscal sponsor for Sheridan Hollow Neighborhood Association: $43,321.25. The Sheridan Hollow Memorial Park and Rain Garden project will reestablish the park and create a new rain garden.


  • Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition: $97,017.94, Binghamton Community Power: Promoting Environmental Protection, Fiscal Stability, and Public Health in Environmental Justice Neighborhoods. This project will measure the rate of energy poverty, its impact on residents, and the barriers to adopting energy conservation practices.

  • Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, Inc.: $100,000, Community and Home Gardens: Growing Safely in the Greater Binghamton Area. This project will build five new community gardens on vacant properties and 35-50 raised beds gardens at homes in the city of Binghamton, village of Johnson City, and town of Union to enable more people to safely grow food for themselves and their families.


  • Poughkeepsie Farm Project: $100,000, Poughkeepsie Food Power. This project will develop on-site, school-based, and community garden programming to include research, hands-on workshops, and educational programming around crops that reflect the city's cultural diversity.

  • Kingston Land Trust Inc., fiscal sponsor for Hudson Valley Bee Habitat: $100,000. The Conserving Pollinators through Community Engagement project will increase habitat for pollinators, create greater connection to green space, educate the public about the environmental harms to pollinators and humans, and foster understanding of pollinators through educational workshops and creative placemaking engagements.

  • Community Foundation of Orange County, fiscal sponsor for Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative: $100,000. The Promoting Health and Wellness through Urban Agriculture in the city of Newburgh project supports Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative's efforts to promote health and wellness through urban agriculture/gardening in the city of Newburgh.

  • Groundwork Hudson Valley: $99,999, Heat Island Mitigation and Risk Reduction in Southwest Yonkers. This project will analyze, prioritize, and make recommendations that address heat island issues in Southwest Yonkers and its 80,000 residents.


  • The Bronx is Blooming: $100,000, Grow, Revitalize, Engage, Educate, Nurture (GREEN). This project will expand The Bronx is Blooming's community engagement by providing students and community groups with after-school, school-day, and weekend programming to steward local parks.

  • Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc.: $100,000. The Assessing Airport-Related Air and Noise Pollution in Southeast Queens will collect air and noise pollution data to provide a better understanding of levels of pollution and community health concerns.

  • Friends of Van Cortlandt Park: $88,383, Garden 2 Market Internship. This project will continue the Garden 2 Market internship program while expanding it to include a research project to determine if there is a correlation between urban soils contamination and heavy metal levels in honey.

  • Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Inc.: $100,000, Shore Corps: Open Space Green Stewards Youth Internship and Workforce Development Program. Shore Corps is Green Steward's youth internship and workforce development program for 90 low-income youth, ages 14-18, living in Far Rockaway.

  • Human Impacts Institute: $94,011.50, Brooklyn Environmental Health Lab. This project will launch the Brooklyn Environmental Health Lab to implement workshops, ambassador leadership training, pollution testing, and a display that residents will use to engage in activities that further their understanding of environmental pollutants.

  • Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Inc.: $99,999.75, Gowanus Blue Schools Expansion. This project will incorporate stormwater management design and practices into middle and high school STEM curriculum, while working toward long-term viable strategies to construct and maintain green infrastructure on school properties.

  • West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc.: $100,000, Community-Driven Solutions to the Growing Urban Heat Island Threat. This community-driven planning project will address the climate change-related environmental and public health threat of extreme heat.

  • Neighbors Allied for Good Growth: $100,000, Clean Air, Safe Soil in the Urban Environment. This project will gather data from air samples and soil samples in public areas, partner with residents and local youth to learn about soil contamination and air pollution, and develop a comprehensive public awareness campaign that reaches community residents.


  • North Tonawanda Botanical Garden Organization, Inc.: $47,162, North Tonawanda Sustainable Community Project. This project will educate and engage middle and high school students in preserving water quality through living/green infrastructure and best practices to foster environmental sustainability and biodiversity in the city of North Tonawanda.

  • Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company: $100,000, Renewing Community Trust and Green Spaces to Prevent Stormwater Runoff in Buffalo's African-American Heritage Corridor. This project will improve stormwater management using green infrastructure; improve community knowledge of environmental risks; and improve community knowledge and participation in the use of rain gardens for stormwater management.

  • Groundwork Buffalo, Inc.: $100,000, Green Team Education, Fruit Belt Restoration Program. This program will enlist a group of teens and young adults between the ages of 14-24 to help plant, harvest, upkeep, and deliver fresh produce to the residents of the East Side of Buffalo.


  • Starflower Experiences, Inc.: $33,000, Waste Reduction and Recycling in Wyandanch. This project will plan and carry out a successful educational campaign for Wyandanch that will result in less trash, less single-use plastic, and more participation in recycling.

Administration of Environmental Justice Capacity Building Grants

West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc., (WE ACT) has been chosen as the administrator for New York's Environmental Justice Capacity Building Grant Program and awarded $1 million to support and grow environmental justice organizations across the state. In cooperation with DEC, WE ACT will use their expertise to help community-based groups develop administrative, technical, and programmatic capacity and expand their services protecting public health and the environment.

2018 Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant Awardees

Capital District

  • Community Empowerment through Community Participatory Mapping: $99,990, Arbor Hill Development Corporation
  • Urban Environmental Transformation: Youth Empowerment for Community Change: $99,929, Capital Roots Inc.
  • Germinating The NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center: $100,000, Media Alliance, Inc.
  • Albany South End Environmental Justice Project Expansion: $100,000, RADIX Ecological Sustainability Center

Central New York

  • Material Reuse as Community Resource for Underserved Populations in Ithaca NY: $93,525, Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc.

Western New York

  • Growing Green: $75,500, Massachusetts Avenue Project Inc.

Rochester Area

  • Urban Agriculture Engagement and Food Waste Diversion Program: $100,000, Blueprint Geneva, Inc.
  • Green Visions Workforce Development Program and Community Gardens: $100,000, Friends of the Garden Aerial Inc.
  • Engaging Renters in Rochester's Potential Environmental Justice Areas in Healthy Homes Advocacy: $98330, Rochester Peoples Climate Coalition, Inc. fiscal sponsor for Rochester's City-Wide Tenants' Union (CWTU)

Hudson Valley

  • From Vision to Reality: The Yonkers Greenway Community Park: $100,000, Groundwork Hudson Valley
  • Poughkeepsie Gardens: $100,000, Poughkeepsie Farm Project
  • The Yonkers Blue Team: Tackling Local Water Quality Issues through Research and Youth Engagement: $100,000, Sarah Lawrence College fiscal sponsor for Beczak Environmental Education Center

Long Island

  • Riverside Maritime Trail Phase II Development & Programming: $50,000, Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association, Inc.
  • Project BAY AREA: $100,000, Long Beach Latino Civic Association

New York Metropolitan

  • Pollinator Raingarden: $72,953, Bronx River Alliance, Inc.
  • Low Income HDFC Environmental Resiliency Project: $100,000, Cooper Square Community Development Committee
  • Tibbetts Restoration, Exploration and Clean-Up (TREC): $99,995, Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
  • Gowanus Canal Conservancy School Clean & Green Program: $99,702, Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Inc.
  • Mapping Environmental (In)Justice: $89,664, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth
  • Urban Lab for Open Spaces Air Monitoring Study: $99,003, Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn
  • Shore Corps: Green Stewards Youth Internship & Workforce Development Program: $100,000, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Inc.
  • Measuring Bronx River Water Quality and Pathogen Levels: $77,577, Rocking the Boat, Inc.
  • The Bronx is Blooming's Program for Leaders Advancing their Community's Environment (PLACE): $100,000, The Bronx is Blooming
  • East New York Healthy Soil Initiative: $100,000, United Community Centers, Inc.
  • The Sunset Park Regenerative Energy Education Project (REEP): $50,000, UPROSE Inc.
  • A Community-Based Education and Planning Project about Climate Change-Related Health Impacts in Inwood: $100,000, West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc.
  • YMPJ Air, Water, & Food Vulnerability Project: $100,000, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Inc.
  • Western New York The Square Community Garden & Farmers Market Project: $93,830, Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. fiscal sponsor for Fillmore Forward, Inc.

2018 Environmental Education Centers in Urban Communities

Capital Region

  • Media Alliance, Inc., Troy, NY - $250,000 to create the NATURE Lab Urban Environmental Education Center, a critical resource for the North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology Program.
  • Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, Albany, NY - $422,410 to expand the current educational facilities at the Radix Center by constructing an Ecological Justice Literacy Classroom.

Mid-Hudson Valley

  • Groundwork Hudson Valley, Yonkers, NY - $577,589 to upgrade the Science Barge to include aquaponics, water sanitization, wildlife observation, and outdoor classrooms.

New York Metropolitan Area:

  • WE ACT for Environmental Justice, New York, NY - $750,000 to develop an Urban Environmental Education Center that will provide free education programming for northern Manhattan residents.

2018 Vital Brooklyn Grantees

  • Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, Inc.-$50,000 - to support their Green Teen Internship Program that will help to build character, teach marketable skills, and create pathways that facilitate jobs and careers in the burgeoning green economy for adolescent and young adult residents of Central Brooklyn.
  • Nehemiah Economic Development, Inc.- $50,000 - to expand their Solar Pioneers training program that provides participants with both classroom and real on-the-ground workforce experience with solar industry representatives.

For awardees from previous years, please visit Open NY.

For more information on these projects, please call the Office of Environmental Justice at 518-402-8556 or toll free in New York State at 1-866-229-0497