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Check the Status of a Permit

Trying to find out the status of a pending permit application?

Detailed information on specific applications processed by the Department under the Uniform Procedures Act can be accessed through the DEC Permit Applications (DART) Search, including the status of applications issued, denied or currently under review. This search wizard also provides the means to do searches of applications by location, permit type, and date period. The results from these searches can be further sorted by applicant name, facility name and application status.

Once I Get My Permit, Will I Be Able to Renew, Modify or Transfer It, if Necessary?

Generally, yes.

Any request to renew, modify or transfer a permit must be in writing to the Regional Permit Administrator.

Requests for permit transfers (a change in facility ownership or a change in permittee name) require completion of an Application for Permit Transfer form (PDF). The Application for Permit Transfer requires certification by both the proposed new owner/operator and the present permittee. The application should generally be submitted at least 30 days prior to transfer.

If the permit transfer involves an ownership change, the Department has special terms that allow you to disclose violations you discover during the course of acquiring the new facility. If you satisfy the terms contained in the new owners provision (V.J) of the Department's Environmental Audit Incentive Policy (PDF), you will be eligible to disclose and correct discovered violations. In most instances penalties can be completely waived.

DEC must then make its decision within 15 days. In the case of a modification, the request must include an explanation of the reason for the proposed change. In cases involving substantial modifications to a project, DEC may decide that a renewal or modification will be treated as a new application.

What Happens If DEC Does Not Act Within the Uniform Procedures Act Time Periods?

Time periods may be extended by mutual written consent of the applicant and DEC.

If DEC fails to make a final decision within the required time period, the permit applicant can notify the Chief Permit Administrator at DEC, Division of Environmental Permits, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-1750, by certified mail, of that failure. The procedures for notification are contained at 6 NYCRR 621.10(b) (link leaves DEC's website). Once properly notified, DEC must then mail its decision granting or denying the application to the permit applicant within five working days or else the permit is deemed granted, subject to standard conditions.

Need Help?

Contact your NYS DEC Regional Permit Administrator for assistance with these permits.
New York State offers assistance to regulated businesses through several different programs. See Permit Information and Assistance for help and contact information.

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