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Air Permits and Registrations

An Overview

Does your operation release any emissions into the air (such as exhaust from burning fuel or airborne chemicals from processes or operations)? Whether a permit or registration is needed will depend on how much and what kind of emissions are being released, as well as where in the state the operation is located.

Facility Permits

Air State Facility Permits (ASF)-These permits may be required by medium-sized commercial or industrial facilities or larger facilities that have agreed to limit emissions.

Air Title V (ATV) Facility Permits-These permits may be required at the largest facilities statewide, or at facilities located in those areas where state implementation plans are in place to improve air quality.


Air Facility Registrations (AFR)-A registration may be required for smaller operations that release emissions to the air, such as dry cleaners or body shops, or other operations which use equipment that can create emissions.

Modifying an existing permit

Modifying Existing Permit/Registration-To modify an existing permit or registration, please contact your Regional Air Quality Office for information.

Access a draft or issued permit

  • Draft ATV/ASF permits open for public comment
  • Issued ATV/ASF Permits

Forms and Reporting

Air Program Forms and Instructions

Are you required by permit to submit reports? Find out if you qualify for Electronic Reporting

Other regulated activities

Outdoor Wood Boilers: A permit is not required, but there are DEC regulations that govern the use of outdoor wood boilers.
Open Burning: Burning of trash is illegal. Burning of brush may be allowed with restrictions. More information about controlled burns is available from the Division of Forest Protection.

More about Air Permits and Registrations:

  • Air Pollution Control Permit Program - Procedures and content of applications for applying for a New York State Title V Permit, a State Facility Permit or a registration certificate
  • Burning Permits - Information on Conservation Law sections 9-1105.5 and 9-1107
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