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Drilling & Mining Permits

Drilling/ Well Permits for Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Mining and Other Regulated Wells

The following permits apply to any oil, gas or solution salt mining well of any depth, as well as any brine disposal, geothermal or stratigraphic well deeper than 500 feet:

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Geothermal wells

Mining Permits

A mining permit is required for any person who mines, or proposes to mine:

  1. More than 750 cubic yards or 1,000 tons from the earth within 12 successive calendar months, or
  2. More than 100 cubic yards of minerals from, or adjacent to, any body of water not subject to the Protection of Waters Permit

Certain excavation activities associated with construction or agriculture may be exempt from the permitting requirement.

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Well-related questions? Contact the appropriate Oil and Gas Regional Minerals Manager.

Mining-related questions? Contact the appropriate Mined Land Supervisor.