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Waterways, Coastlines & Wetlands Permits

Waterways, coastlines and wetlands are related resources. Projects in these areas might require multiple DEC permits. Please review the following tables to determine your permit needs, and see additional information on application procedures, application forms, and contacts for assistance.

Permits needed for activities in waterways, coastlines and wetlands
Project Location Example Projects Permit Information
Projects in or near streams, rivers, lakes and ponds
  • Installing a culvert or bridge
  • Digging or excavating
  • Placing any fill material
  • Installing a boat dock
  • Stabilizing a streambank
  • Installing utilities across a stream
  • Building or removing a dam
  • Excavating a pond
Protection of Waters Permit
Water Quality Certificate
Projects in or near wetlands
  • Placing any fill material
  • Digging or excavating
  • Building any structure or road
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Installing a culvert
  • Constructing a bulkhead
  • Subdividing land (Tidal Wetlands only)
Freshwater Wetland Permit
Tidal Wetlands Permits
Projects in a coastal erosion hazard area along
Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound
  • Construction
  • Modification, restoration or placement
    of a structure
  • Grading
  • Excavating
  • Dumping
  • Mining
  • Filling
  • Other disturbances to land
Coastal Erosion Management Permit
Projects within a wild, scenic and recreational
river corridor
  • Constructing residential or commercial structures
  • Changing use of existing structures
  • Constructing roads and bridges
  • Cutting vegetation and conducting forest
    management activities
  • Subdividing land
  • Installing a boat dock or constructing a boathouse
Wild, Scenic and Recreational River Permit
Floating objects in navigable waters within
the Adirondack Park
(DEC Regions 5, 6) and Catskill Park (DEC Regions 3, 4)

The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and
Historic Preservation
(link leaves DEC website)
administers this program in other locations.
  • Moorings buoys
  • Bathing beach markers
  • Swimming floats
  • Speed zone markers
Permit for Floating Objects other than
Aids to Navigation
- Navigation Law Article 3, Section 35-a

Floating Objects Permit Application (PDF) 21 kB
Projects anywhere involving:
  • excavating more than 750 cubic yards or
    1,000 tons of minerals within twelve successive
    calendar months
  • excavating or dredging more than 100 cubic yards of
    minerals from or adjacent to any body of water not
    subject to the jurisdiction of Protection of Waters Permit
  • Creating a pond
  • Gravel skimming in streams
  • Peat mining
Mined Land Reclamation Permit

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