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Question C 1 - Planning and Zoning Actions - Full EAF (Part 1)

Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF) Workbook

Will administrative or legislative adoption, or amendment of a plan, local law, ordinance, rule or regulation be the only approval(s) which must be granted to enable the proposed action to proceed?

If Yes, complete sections C, F and G.

If No, proceed to question C.2 and complete all remaining sections and questions in Part 1

Adoption of local laws, ordinances, regulations, administrative rules, and plans are common legislative actions taken by the State or local municipalities. All are considered discretionary actions and therefore, all require an environmental review prior to their adoption according to SEQR.

The following administrative actions are listed as Type 1 in SEQR §617.4 (link leaves DEC website,) and will require using the Full EAF:

  • The adoption of a municipality's land use plan
  • The adoption by any agency of a comprehensive resource management plan
  • The initial adoption of a municipality's comprehensive zoning regulations
  • The adoption of changes in the allowable uses within any zoning district affecting 25 or more acres of the district

Answering the Question

If the project involves an action of this type and nothing more, then check Yes under question C.1., and proceed to answer questions C.2, C.3, C.4, F, and G. You do not have to answer questions D.1.-D.2., nor questions E.1.-E.3.

If the proposed project includes anything more than this, then all of the remaining questions must be completed. For example, some projects may need a change in zoning before the rest of the project can proceed. Questions in sections D and E will need to be completed for the remainder of the project.

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