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Q. 18, Short EAF (Part 1) Impoundments

Short Environmental Assessment Form Workbook

Does the proposed action include construction or other activities that result in the impoundment of water or other liquids (e.g. retention pond, waste lagoon, dam)?
If Yes, explain purpose and size:

Background Information

This question explores whether the proposed project includes any activities that will result in the impoundment of liquids. Impoundments can include recreational ponds, retention ponds built to control stormwater runoff, waste lagoons, or dams. Liquids stored behind a dam or in an impoundment represents potential energy which can create a hazard to life and property located downstream of the dam. Construction of impoundments can also adversely impact natural resources, negatively impact water supplies, or create breeding locations for disease carrying mosquitoes. Clearing, grading, and excavation of an impoundment will remove vegetation, can disrupt wildlife habitats, and can impact the natural flow of water. These are topics that the reviewing agency will need to explore in Part 2 when determining what impacts may occur and how significant they might be. In answering this question, the applicant may also identify permits that would be required or construction standards that will need to be followed for a proposed impoundment.

Answering the Question

Answer no if no impoundment will be constructed as part of your project.

Answer yes if some kind of impoundment will be constructed as part of your project, and describe the purpose and size. For example, "A stormwater retention pond will be constructed to control water runoff from the project and will be ¼ acre in size."

For More Information

In order to construct a pond or impoundment properly, technical assistance is necessary for the siting and design. If an impoundment is being created by constructing a dam, you will need to hire a licensed professional engineer. Some assistance may be available on a limited basis through the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, the county Soil and Water Conservation Service, and the county Cornell Cooperative Extension offices. Please contact them for more information and for the names of consultants in your area that can help with the design and siting of a pond or impoundment.

Depending on the type of impoundment, a permit may be required. You may require a Dam Safety Permit, a Stream Protection Permit, a Freshwater Wetland Permit, a Mined Land Reclamation Permit or other approvals. To determine if a proposed impoundment site contains a protected resource or construction involves activities that will require a permit from the NYSDEC, contact the Regional Permit Administrator responsible for the area in which the pond or impoundment is to be located.

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