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Q. 11, Short EAF (Part 1) Wastewater Treatment

Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF)

Will the proposed action connect to existing wastewater utilities?
If No, describe method for providing wastewater treatment:

Background Information

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing physical, chemical, and biological contaminants from sewage. It is essentially a way to speed up the natural purification processes to return the treated water back to the environment with as little impact as possible. Wastewater treatment facilities range from private septic systems to public sewage treatment facilities.

Some unlisted projects will not need to include a wastewater utility. For those that do, you will need to know if you are going to connect to an existing public or private system.

If wastewater treatment is required for the project but there is no existing facility to connect to, you will need to generally describe the method to be used for treating wastewater. If you do not know if a public or private wastewater system exists in the area, contact the local municipality, the building inspector, or the Department of Health.

Answering the Question

Part 1 (of this question)

Answer no if the proposed project will not connect to an existing wastewater utility.

Answer no if the proposed project will have no need to connect to any wastewater utility.

Answer yes if the proposed project will connect to an existing wastewater utility.

Part 2 (of this question)

If your answer in part 1 of this question is no, but will require wastewater treatment, then describe the method proposed for treating the wastewater produced by the proposed project, such as construction of an on-site septic system.

If your answer in part 1 of this question is no, and will not require any wastewater treatment: Simply state that the project does not require a wastewater treatment facility here.

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