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Q. 6, Short EAF (Part 1) Community Character

Short Environmental Assessment Form Workbook

Is the proposed action consistent with the predominant character of the existing built or natural landscape?

Background Information

Many times 'community character' is interpreted to refer only to the visual or aesthetic features of an area, but it is much broader than that. Community character is a term that is used to describe the many different features of a community including population, physical, and natural resources, cultural history, landscape features, design and architecture of buildings, events, and public spaces. Community character is frequently an important aspect of a community that it wishes to maintain. Sometimes, a community desires to improve or enhance its community character. These goals are often described in a comprehensive plan. A proposed activity that is consistent with existing community character, or that can help enhance community character is much less likely to have adverse environmental impacts.

This question is similar to Question 4 in that it explores consistency of the proposed project with existing land uses and landscapes. But, your answer to this question should consider other aspects of community character as well. Review your answer to Question 4 as it will influence the answer to Question 6.

The following may help you answer this question:

  • Will the proposed activity introduce a different land use in or near the project site?
  • Will the proposed activity have architectural features and site design that is visually consistent with other buildings and structures in the area?
  • Will the proposed activity introduce a different level or kind of activity in the area that is very different from what currently exists?

Answering this Question

Use information that is at hand and readily available to answer this question. Your understanding of the site, the lands around the site, and the community will inform your answer to this question.

A project that is not consistent does not necessarily mean that the project will have an adverse environmental impact. This will be one consideration among many to be evaluated by the reviewing agency in Part 2.

Answer yes if the project is consistent with the community character.

Answer no if the project is not consistent.

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