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Checklist for BUD Submissions

Information Needed in Coversheet for each BUD Project Submission

  • Project name
  • Landowner of project
  • Address of project
  • Block and lot numbers for project location
  • Project Manager
    • Name
    • Mailing address
    • Phone numbers (work and cell)
    • E-mail address
  • Project description, including use of proposed materials
  • Is the IMPORT site located in an ecologically sensitive area?
  • Amount of material needs for use (___________ cubic yards)
  • SOURCE of Material information
    1. Address
    2. Block and lot numbers of the source material
    3. Is the proposed material 95% or more sand? (yes or no)
    4. Is the source material (yes or no):
      1. native soil?
      2. historical fill?
      3. mixed with other materials? (If yes, what other materials?)
      4. waste products from industry? (If yes, what industry?)
      5. from a brownfields site?
      6. dredged materials?
      7. unknown soils?
      8. other? (Please list.)
  • Time frame for this BUD petition:
    • Start date:
    • End date:

Paper Attachments Needed

(an environmental professional may be necessary to answer some of the following)

  • Project site map
  • Location map
  • Summary of environmental investigations of both the SOURCE site and the IMPORT site. For dredged materials, this is only necessary for the SOURCE site.
  • Summary of the chemical results, including columns from the table Part 375-6.8(b) [scroll to the second table] (link leaves DEC's website) Protection of Public Health-Residential and Protection of Groundwater compounds and color-code values in excess of either column in red.
  • Plan for receiving site on the specifics of where and how much BUD materials will be used. The site management plan will have this information.
  • Any available test for the sizes of the material (gravel/sand/silt/clay) (usually the sieve data using a Wentworth scale).
  • If the material is dredged materials and are less than 95% sand, where will it be amended?:
  • What is the minimal percentage of optimal moisture and shear strength? This requires a licensed professional engineer to be consulted and to sign off on this information.
  • Description of the environmental controls when placing the materials

If the proposed BUD material does not meet any of the Protection of Public Health-Residential or Protection of Groundwater values from table Part 375-6.8(b) [scroll to the second table] (link leaves DEC's website), you need to contact NYSDEC staff to determine if more information is necessary.

Attachments to be included on CD

  • Raw data from environmental investigations for both SOURCE site and IMPORT site (unless dredged materials, then only SOURCE site)
  • Raw data from chemical sampling
  • Boring logs
  • Phase 1 and 2 site investigations, Environmental Data Reviews (EDRs) and all other environmental investigations
  • Chemical Summary Table in MS Excel format