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Step 2. Complete the Correct Environmental Assessment Form

Type I Actions

Complete a Full Environmental Assessment Form, Part 1 (FEAF - Part 1, PDF) for any Type 1 action. The project sponsor / applicant completes Part 1 of the form and submits it to an involved agency together with any other applications that are required. It is recommended that the sponsor / applicant use the DEC's EAF Mapper to complete Part 1, selecting the Full EAF as the form to be completed. The non-mapper assisted form, however, is also acceptable for review submission purposes if the applicant / sponsor so desires. When the lead agency is established (See step 3), that agency is responsible for completing Part 2 of the EAF, and as needed, Part 3.The Full Environmental Forms Part 2 (FEAF - Part 2, PDF) and Full Environmental Form Part 3 (FEAF - Part 3, PDF) are separate from the EAF Mapper. The requirement for a full EAF may be waived if a draft EIS is prepared and submitted with the application.

If your action is a Type I Action, proceed to Step 3.

Unlisted Actions

Unlisted Actions usually require preparation of a Short EAF (SEAF).

The reviewing agency may elect to require a full EAF if it determines that the Short EAF will not provide sufficient information, or it may waive the requirement for an EAF if a draft E.I.S. is prepared and submitted with the application. If the option to prepare a full EAF is not exercised, a Short Environmental Assessment Form must be completed for the action. Steps for completing the Short Environmental Form Part 1 (SEAF - Part 1, PDF) by the applicant / sponsor, and Short Environmental Forms Parts 2 and 3 (SEAF - Parts 2 and 3, PDF) by the reviewing agency, are basically the same as those described above for Type I actions except the users are working with a Short EAF.

Unlisted Actions range from very minor activities to actions falling just below Type I thresholds.

Coordinated Review is not required for Unlisted Actions - Proceed to Step 4

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