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Water Withdrawal Permit Program: Is This Project Major Or Minor?

The general procedures, the times allotted for processing and review, and the requirements for public notice of applications all differ for major and minor projects under Uniform Procedures Act requirements (Part 621). Generally, minor projects require less review time and do not require public review.

Minor projects include:

  1. with respect to a public water supply, the extension of a water district or other service area to an existing facility, or a proposed facility having all required approvals from involved regulatory entities where present sources of supply are adequate to serve the proposed extension area and where the additional area does not exceed 50 percent of the size of the previously approved area;
  2. replacement of a well with an equivalent well in the same aquifer having a capacity not more than 110 percent of the original;
  3. changes in ownership of a water withdrawal system, including acquisitions of private systems by a town or county water district;
  4. enlargement of existing facilities involving an increase of not more than 45 gallons per minute for groundwater sources and not more than 150 gallons per minute for surface sources, or 10 percent of the original capacity, whichever is greater; and
  5. applications for initial permits pursuant to article 15 title 15 of the ECL and 6 NYCRR Subpart 601.7.

All other activities are considered major projects for the public notice requirements of the Uniform Procedures Act.

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