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Regulated Activities Public Water Supply, Long Island Wells

  1. Installation of a new water supply system;
  2. Acquisition, taking, or development of any new or additional source of water supply not previously permitted in connection with the water supply system proposing to use such source;
  3. Taking or condemning of lands for any new or additional sources of water supply or for the utilization of such supply;
  4. Extension of supply or distribution mains into any new service area not specifically authorized by a previous DEC permit for the system for which the extension is proposed;
  5. Supplying water for use in any other municipality or civil division of the state that is already approved for service by a different water supplier
  6. Entering into a contract or other agreement to take a supply of water from another water supply system;
  7. Purchasing or condemning any existing water supply system;
  8. Sinking or drilling of additional production wells, regardless of whether or not an increase in overall ground water taking is proposed;
  9. Increasing the amount of water diverted from a surface watershed already in use by enlarging the conduits, increasing storage, or by other means,
  10. Transportation or carrying of water through pipes, conduits, ditches, or canals from any freshwater surface water or ground water source in New York to any location outside the state, for use there;
  11. Performance of any other activities covered by the law but not specifically mentioned here.

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