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Air Pollution Control Permit Program: Jurisdictions of Other Agencies

New York State Department of State Coastal Consistency Determinations

If your project is in a coastal area and a federal approval is required, the federal agency must obtain a Coastal Consistency Certification from the New York State Department of State before it can give its approval. If such a certification is needed, you will be informed of this by the federal agency involved, usually the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who will need to make the Coastal Consistency Certification a part of its permit decision. If a federal approval is not required, DEC will need to make the Coastal Consistency Certification as part of its permit decision. This consistency program will also apply to some designated inland waterways in New York where local waterfront revitalization programs have been developed. Again, you will be informed if a certification must be prepared and whether any further information will be required from you.

New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

In accordance with the State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA), DEC must evaluate whether or not a project may have an impact on historical structures or archaeological sites. If your application packet includes a Structural Archaeological Assessment Form (SAAF), please fill out the form according to its instructions. In some cases, a cultural resource survey, including a field study of archaeological or historic features may be needed.

Adirondack Park Agency (APA)

If the project you are planning is located within the boundaries of the Adirondack Park, the APA may have jurisdiction under one or more regulatory program, depending on the exact location of the project. For questions involving projects in the Adirondack Park contact: Adirondack Park Agency P. O. Box 99 Ray Brook, New York 12977 (518) 891-4050

Local Governments

In addition, other county, city, town or village permits or other approvals may be necessary. You should check with the appropriate offices. The Regional DEC Permits office will require you to inform them of any other local approvals needed for your project and note them on the Environmental Assessment Form. This will enable a coordinated review among all affected agencies.

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