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What is The SEQR Decision Making Process?

  1. The action is classified by the appropriate agency. The SEQR process ends if the action is Type II.
  2. If the action is Type I or Unlisted, a lead agency is established.
  3. The lead agency must either:
    • Determine that the action may be environmentally significant and require that an EIS be prepared;
    • Determine that the action will not be environmentally significant; if so, the SEQR process ends; or
    • A written document must be prepared for either A. or B. which states the reasons that support the decision.
  4. If a draft EIS is required, its scope will be determined and a minimum 30-day public comment period is required for review of the accepted draft. A public hearing may be held.
  5. Based on the final EIS, each involved agency must make SEQR findings to minimize the identified environmental impacts.

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