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Lifetime Sporting Licenses

Make Yours a NYS Adventure License

sample DMV driver license with lifetime icons
Proudly display your NYS Adventure License

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has teamed up with DEC and NYS Parks to offer a convenient service for purchasers of DEC-issued Lifetime Sporting Licenses and Parks-issued Lifetime Empire Passport and Boater Safety Certificates. Your NYS DMV-issued photo document can now show evidence that you possess a new NYS Adventure License.

How to take advantage of this easy new service

  • New lifetime sporting license purchasers: opt to have icons added to your NYS Driver license. You may choose to get your new DMV ID immediately, for a fee of $12.50, or wait for your next license renewal at no charge.
  • Existing lifetime license holders: login to the Online Sporting License Sales System, and request a new driver license or non-driver ID with your lifetime sporting credentials.

Why not extend your NYS Adventure? Consider buying a Lifetime Empire State Passport that lets you visit more than 170 beautiful NYS parks for the rest of your life. See the NYS Parks website for more details about this and boating safety certificates.

three sample hunting, fishing and parks license plates
Nine beautiful plates to choose from

Adventure License Plates Available

As part of New York's Adventure License, you also have the opportunity to get new license plates for your vehicle showing how much you enjoy hunting and/or fishing. The plate will identify you as a devoted fan of a sport shared by millions. If you hold a sporting / recreational license purchased from DEC, you can choose any of the 6 I LOVE NY Hunting or Fishing plates. If you hold an Empire Passport from Parks, you may choose any of the 3 I LOVE NY Parks custom plates.

Available Lifetime Sporting Licenses and Fees

The following licenses are available to New York State residents only.
(Applicants must provide proof of NYS residency for one year)

License Name Resident Fee
& (Age Group)

(Hunting & Fishing)
hunting icon for NYS Adventure Licensefishing icon for NYS Adventure License

(under 5)
Combined privileges of hunting license, fishing license and turkey permit, which includes hunting big game and small game (including turkey), and fishing for freshwater fish species and baitfish.
Note: there is no lifetime privilege for the recreational marine fishing registry.
hunting icon for NYS Adventure License
Hunt big game and small game during their appropriate seasons.
bowhunting icon for NYS Adventure License
Hunt big game (deer and bear) only with a bow during the special bowhunting season.
trapping icon for NYS Adventure License
Set traps for species during their appropriate season.
muzzleloading icon for NYS Adventure License
Hunt big game (deer and bear) with a muzzleloading firearm during the special muzzleloading season.
fishing icon for NYS Adventure License
Catch freshwater fish species during appropriate seasons

Lifetime License Terms and Conditions

Lifetime License Transfers

  • Lifetime sporting licenses may be transferred to a qualifying relative who is a resident of New York State if the lifetime license holder passes away within one year of purchase of the license or if the license holder passes away while in active United States military duty during a time of war. A qualifying relative can be a parent, sibling, child or spouse of the license holder. The lifetime licenses must have been issued on or after January 15, 2008. For more information on requests and copies of supporting documents for applying for Lifetime License Transfer call DEC's License Sales Unit at 518-402-8843.


  • Lifetime licenses for individuals (ages 12 and older) can be purchased through the online sporting license sales system (link leaves DEC website) or in person at any license issuing agent location.
  • Lifetime licenses purchased by phone take at least two weeks for processing. Please take this into consideration when purchasing one during peak hunting and fishing seasons, for holidays and for special occasion gifts (birthdays, graduations, etc.).
  • After the original purchase, appropriate tags and any special applications will be mailed annually to lifetime licensees.
  • Refunds for lifetime license fees will not be made under any conditions.
  • The purchase of a lifetime license goes forever into New York State's Fish and Game Trust Fund. Only the interest from this fund goes into the State's Conservation Fund which is overseen by the Conservation Fund Advisory Board (CFAB) and is dedicated to the support and promotion of fishing, hunting and trapping.

Replacing Lost Lifetime Licenses

  • Lost lifetime license ID cards can be replaced for a fee of $5 at any license issuing agent. The ID card will be sent to you in the mail.
  • Lost carcass tags for turkey, bear or deer (including DMPs) can be replaced for a fee of $10 at any license issuing agent.

Residency Requirements

  • Lifetime licenses are available only to residents of New York State who have been residents for at least one year immediately prior to the application date (proof required). Lifetime license applicants must present the same proof of residency, eligibility and age as annual license applicants. With the original lifetime license purchase, the customer will receive appropriate tags for the season and license type at the time of purchase.


  • Lifetime license privileges are equal to those of annual license buyers. Lifetime licensees must still purchase separate privileges, such as turkey permits (except for lifetime sportsman license holders) and deer management permits.
  • Lifetime licenses will remain valid for privileges purchased in New York State regardless of a change in residency.

Young Hunters

  • When purchasing a lifetime license for a child (ages 15 and under), the purchaser must bring proof of the child's age with either a birth certificate or passport and a copy of the parent's residency proof.
  • When the child becomes age 12 and wishes to receive his/her tags, s/he must first take the appropriate hunter safety training course. A copy of the certificate must then be sent to the DEC License Sales Unit, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4790 before their tags can be fulfilled. Young hunters should take the appropriate training course well in advance of the season to allow adequate time for their tags to be mailed. Tags cannot be obtained by contacting your local license issuing agent.
  • Ages 12-15: For details on hunting privileges and requirements for junior hunters (ages 12-15), visit the Junior Hunter Mentoring Program page.
    Ages 16-17: If hunting big game for the first time without a parent or legal guardian, a Mentored Youth Hunter Permission Form (PDF) must be completed.

More Information

For additional information or clarification on Lifetime Licenses, contact the License Sales Unit (518-402-8843), Division of Fish and Wildlife, NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4790.