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Environmental Permits

Administered Under the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA)

Essential to protecting New York's air, water, mineral and biological resources are a system of permits under the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA), Article 70 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL). The UPA is intended to ensure a fair, timely and thorough review; eliminate inconsistent procedures; and encourage public participation. DEC's regulation for implementing the UPA is 6 NYCRR Part 621. (Link leaves DEC's website)

Also under authority of the UPA, DEC may issue General Permits to allow similar types of work not unique to a particular location. Such work may be the result of natural disasters or extraordinary weather, or for other activities that have been determined not to have a significant impact on the environment.

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More about Environmental Permits:

  • Guide to Permit Hearings - A permit hearing offers the public an opportunity to participate in DEC project review. This document gives an overview of the DEC permit hearing process.
  • Guide to Permit Hearings in Spanish - Una audiencia para obtener permiso ofrece al público una oportunidad de participar en el análisis del proyecto de DEC. Este documento ofrece una perspectiva general del proceso de audiencia de DEC para obtener un permiso.