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Obtaining Access on DEC Managed Tidal Wetlands for Hunting

In order to protect the resources on DEC-managed tidal wetlands, regulations have been adopted. These regulations will also help prevent conflicts with neighboring landowners and ensure a safe and orderly hunt. Violations of these regulations may result in the revocation of the offender's access permit.

Division of Marine Resources

Access Permits

An access permit is required to hunt on DEC tidal wetlands. This permit is in addition to any other licenses, stamps, or other legal requirements. A free 3-year Managed Land Access Permit is required to hunt these areas. Visit DEC's nForm page if you need information on how to obtain a account, which is required for these permits.

Maps suitable for use in a permit application can be purchased from vendors listed below.

There are seven tidal wetlands where hunting is allowed:

  • Timber Point - Waterfowl only
  • Bellport Bay - Waterfowl only
  • Fireplace Neck - Waterfowl, upland small game, deer (archery only)
  • Johns Neck Creek - Waterfowl, upland small game
  • Havens Point - Waterfowl, upland small game, deer (archery only)
  • Long Beach Bay - Waterfowl, upland small game, deer (archery only)
  • Babylon Marshes - Waterfowl only

Notes About Sites

(Maps of Tidal Wetlands Access Sites will be included with permit.)

Timber Point--Due to the presence of people using an adjacent golf course and boating activity on the Connetquot River, hunters should exercise due caution. Access is via a right-of-way starting at the entrance to Suffolk County's Timber Point Country Club, on Great River Road. Parking is sometimes available in the Suffolk County Parks land to the west of the State Land. No vehicles are permitted beyond the paved portions of roads on the State property.

Bellport Bay--Access is via Bellhaven Avenue. Hunting of upland game is prohibited, as is waterfowl hunting at the pond in the northern portion of the property. Hunting restrictions are due to the proximity of occupied homes in the area.

Fireplace Neck--Access is via Mott Lane. While primarily a waterfowling area, a limited opportunity exists for small game and deer (archery). Care should be taken to avoid trespassing on adjacent private land or the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge.

Johns Neck Creek--Land access is via Maywood Avenue and Peconic Drive. Vehicles must be parked on the street. No vehicles are permitted on the beach or on unpaved roads on the State property. This property is nearly surrounded by a densely populated area. Care should be taken to avoid trespassing on adjacent private property and to avoid the fall of spent shot on homes located near the area.

Havens Point--Waterfowl, deer (archery) and small game hunting are permitted in this area. Access to the property is via Pine Edge Drive. The dirt road running through the center of the property crosses private property and is closed to unauthorized traffic. No vehicles are permitted beyond the paved portion of roads. The vacant land and farm immediately north of the State lands are private property, and it is the hunter's responsibility to obtain permission from the owners before crossing or hunting on these lands. Care should be taken to avoid the fall of spent shot on homes on adjacent properties.

Long Beach Bay--Waterfowl, deer (archery) and upland game hunting are permitted in designated areas, including 7.5 acres of Town of Southold lands. Hunters may cross the no hunting areas only on the path at the head of Narrow River, provided that weapons are unloaded. Access is via Rt 25 (Main Road).

Babylon Marshes--This area may only be accessed by boat, via Great South Bay. Waterfowl hunting is permitted only in a designated zone, in the Elder Island area. Hunters should exercise caution due to the presence of other hunters and boaters.

Map Vendors

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Nassau-Suffolk Blueprinting Co., Inc.
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