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Le Roy Quarry (Abandoned)

LeRoy Quarry

Le Roy Quarry - Neid Road
Located in Genesee County
Image courtesy of Dr. J. Bret Bennington

Type: Quarry (inactive).

Features: Upper Silurian strata:
Prominent knobby pinnacles and undercut cavities through the fine-grained dolostones;
Bois Blanc; Basal Onondaga unit.

Feature Type: Stratigraphic.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook,
72nd Annual Meeting 2000; Anatomy of a Composite Sequence Boundary:
The Silurian-Devonian Contact in Western NYS.
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Quadrangle: Saratoga Springs.

Reason for Designation: Walk across a 490 million year-old fossil (stromatolites) sea floor;
Domed Cyanobacterial Cabbage-head Stromatolites: Hoyt Limestone of Late Cambrian Age.