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Seneca Stone Quarry - Fayette - Oriskany Surface

Close-up of Oriskany surface showing brachiopods.

Seneca Stone Quarry - Fayette
Image courtesy of Richard W. Allmendinger
Located in Seneca County

Features: Silurian/Devonian boundary; Oriskany-Schoharie interval;
Onondaga Limestone; Ash beds; Marcellus black shales; Cephalopod limestone; Thrust fault.

Feature Type: Stratigraphic.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 72nd Annual Meeting 2000;
Anatomy of a Composite Sequence Boundary: The Silurian-Devonian Contact in Western NYS.
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Quadrangle: Romulus.

Reason for Designation: See the previously mentioned features. Though this site changes as the quarry expands,
much of it will be lost due to flooding when the quarry shuts down. Visits are allowed with prior consent from owners.