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Rondaxe Road - Bald Mountain - Webb

Rondaxe Road - 1 cm wide rusty, breccia-filled fracture

Rondaxe Road - Bald Mountain - Webb
Located in Herkimer County
Image courtesy of Robert Darling

Type: Trail.

Features: Rusty quartz veins cutting across feldspar-quartz gneiss; Breccia-filled fractures.

Feature Type: Structural.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 76th Annual Meeting 2007;
Mineralization at the Knox Unconformity and the Western Adirondack Paleosurface.
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Quadrangle: Old Forge.

Reason for Designation: This site is currently being studied by Robert Darling.
The infilling of the void (and fractures) could be interpreted as sedimentary in origin.
If so, it would demonstrate that Paleozoic sedimentary rocks that once covered the region
were located not far above the present location of Bald Mountain summit.
It may also yield clues to the depositional environment at the time of filling.