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Cannan Road - East Martinsburg

Caanan Road - Middle Ordovician spheroidal weathering preserved in middle Proterozoic feldspathic gneiss located structurally below the Knox Unconformity

Cannan Road - East Martinsburg
Located in Lewis County
Image courtesy of Robert Darling

Type: Stream side.

Features: Knox unconformity; Middle Ordovician; spheroidal weathering preserved in the feldspathic
gneiss indicates a tropical environment.

Feature Type: Stratigraphic.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 72nd Annual Meeting 2000;
Survey of the Geology of the Northwestern Adirondack Mountains and Black River Valley.
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Quadrangle: Glenfield.

Reason for Designation: Knox Unconformity is well exposed and the preserved evidence of
middle Ordovician spheroidal weathering is unique in NYS.