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Sheetz Quarry - Sparse Marine Fauna

Sheetz Quarry - Sparse marine fauna consisting of the rhynchenellid Cupularostrum within Planar-Bedded Multistory Sandbody Facies

Sheetz Quarry - Unadilla
Located in Delaware County
Image courtesy of Dan Bishuk, Jon Hairabedian, James Ebert

Type: Quarry

Features: Non-marine to marine transition of the Catskill Clastic Wedge;
Rare ripple cross-lamination; sparse fossils(Sphenotus, fish plates, plant fragments)

Feature type: Stratigraphic

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 63rd Annual Meeting 1991;
Storm-Dominated Shelf and Tidally-Influenced Foreshore Sedimentation, Upper Devonian Sonyea Group,
Bainbridge to Sidney Center, New York

Quadrangle: Unadilla

Reason for Designation: The suspected oxisol profile at the Steele Residence Quarry is not known to occur outside this study area in NYS.
The oxisol is believed to be unique within NYS because development of large, long-lived interfluve areas where tidal processes dominated has
not been documented elsewhere in the state. Cattarugus Magnafacies rocks of this kind have not been described elsewhere in NYS.
Sedimentary structures are displayed in dramatic fashion.