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Pine Hill Road - Cross-Bedded Facies

Pine Hill Road - Representative wooded outcrop of the Tidally-Dominated Trough-Cross-Bedded Facies consisting of sigmoidal trough cross-beds intercalated with planar beds and tidal rhythmite couplets

Pine Hill Road - Sidney
Located in Delaware County
Image courtesy of Dan Bishuk, Jon Hairabedian, James Ebert

Type: Roadside

Features: Rare and unique exposure of tidal rhythmites;
Large caliber, Archanodon-like burrows; Spreites

Feature Type: Stratigraphic

Reference: Dan Bishuk, Jon Hairabedian, James Ebert

Quadrangle: Unadilla

Reason for Designation: Tidal rhythmites are rare in New York State.
These deposits are unusual for their occurrence of larger caliber, Archanodon-like burrows.
These large caliber vertical burrows commonly display spreites. These burrows are important because
they are the subject of an ongoing debate for over several decades.