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Napanee Limestone - Route 12 D

Napanee Limestone

Napanee Limestone Route 12 D
Located in Lewis County

Image courtesy of Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University

Type: Roadcut.

Features: The Napanee Limestone: Thick bedded, black micrites;
Sowerbyella (brachiopod); Punctostriatus (gastropod).

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook,
63rd Annual Meeting 1991; Patterns of Phyletic Evolution in the Trenton Group.
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Quadrangle: Port Leyden.

Reason for Designation: Lithologically, the Napanee Formation has a rather distinctive lithology,
which when seen in outcrop juxtaposed against the massive carbonates of the Black River Group tends to stand out.
This unit tends to show rather rhythmic interbeds of fine grained calcilutites, calcisiltites and interbedded shales.
Depending on the location, the caps of calcilutite beds and the shales can be quite fossiliferous with brachiopods,
crinoids, trilobites, and various mollusc types. In weathered sections this unit tends to weather buff tan but in fresh surfaces,
the medium to fine textured carbonates tend to be dark gray-blue in color.