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Cohoes Falls

Cohoes Falls

Cohoes Falls
Located in Saratoga County

Image courtesy of City of Cohoes

Type: Park (Public).

Features: The "great" falls of the Mohawk River - nearby is site of discovery of Cohoes mastodon.

Feature Type: Scenic.

Reference: Identified as a site of geologic interest by the NYS Geological Highway Map
(NYS Museum, NYS Geological Survey).

Quadrangle: North Troy.

Reason for Designation: The falls have a very nice scenic overlook in an urban area with
informational displays and easy access. The falls have been called the Niagara of eastern New York
and is ~900 ft high waterwall set in a bedrock shale gorge.
(Identified as a unique geologic feature by the NYS Geological Highway Map
NYS Museum, NYS Geological Survey).