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New Baltimore - Flute Marks

New Baltimore Flute Marks

New Baltimore - Flute Marks
Located in Greene County
Image courtesy of Wendy Franklin

Type: Roadside.

Features: Turbidity Current Flute Marks.

Feature Type: Sedimentary.

Reference: Thom Engel, speleologist; Stratigraphy field trip with Professor Kidd from SUNY Albany;
Geology field trip with Professor Ruth Major from Hudson Valley Community College.

Quadrangle: Ravena.

Reason for Designation: Flute marks are formed from turbidity currents and show that
the environment was conducive to erosion or scouring of muddy sediment. They also can be used to determine paleo-current direction.
They are located road side and are regularly visited on geology field trips. This site is unusual because of the superior quality of the feature.