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Kimberlite Dike - Syracuse

Kimberlite Dike, Syracuse City

Kimberlite Dike - Syracuse
Located in Onondaga County

Image courtesy of William Kelly

Type: Roadside

Features: Blocks of kimberlite; Large Serpentinized Olivine crystals;this dike is the 1st ever
described Kimberlite worldwide under the name of "Mica Peridotite"

Feature Type: Igneous

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 76th Annual Meeting 2007;
Kimberlitic Rocks of Central New York

Quadrangle: Syracuse West

Reason for Designation: The site provides insights into the 145 million years ago igneous event.
This is the first ever described Kimberlite dike worldwide under the name of "Mica Peridotite."