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McFail's Cave Nature Preserve - Carlisle

Outside McFail's Cave

McFail's Cave Nature Preserve - Carlisle
Located in Schoharie County
Image courtesy of William Kelly

Type: Cave.

Features: Various sinkholes, shafts, and sinking streams;
owned by the National Speleological Society;
longest cave in the northeastern United States.

Feature Type: Karst.

Reference: NYS Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook,
75th Annual Meeting 2003; Karst of the Schoharie Valley, NY.

Quadrangle: Cobleskill.

Reason for Designation: This site is an excellent example of a karst terrain
and has the longest cave in the North Eastern U.S.Though it is privately owned preserve,
written permission to visit can be acquired. The site has both parking and trails.