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Region 5 Environmental Permits

The Region 5 Environmental Permits manages a group of environmental permits known as the Uniform Procedure Act (UPA) permits. These permits, under UPA, protect New York's air, water, minerals, and biological resources.

The Regional Permit Administrator and staff serve as the single point of contact for your environmental permits, help you understand the regulatory requirements for your project, and manage the permitting process.

Contact the Regional Permit Administrator for permit application assistance, including:

  • Pre-application meetings to discuss environmental review procedures, permitting requirements, and environmental assessment needs for specific projects.
  • Referrals to DEC regulations, policies, guidance and resource information for preparing permit applications and meeting environmental analysis requirements.
  • Identification of specific DEC permitting jurisdictions for proposed projects based on site development as well as operational aspects of the projects.
  • Screening potential project sites for the presence of regulated resources and other environmental and cultural resources.

The Regional Permit Administrator will:

  • Conduct comprehensive environmental analyses and assure timely and consistent permit decisions which balance environmental protection with social and environmental considerations.
  • Coordinate review of projects with other state and local agencies requiring approvals.

Region 5 Enviromental Permits Contact Information

Projects located in Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton Counties are handled by staff in the Ray Brook office.

Erin Burns
Regional Permit Administrator
NYSDEC Division of Environmental Permits
1115 NYS Route 86
PO Box 296
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518) 897-1234
Fax: (518) 897-1394

Projects located in Fulton, Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties are handled by staff in the Warrensburg office.

Beth Magee
Deputy Regional Permit Administrator
NYS DEC Division of Environmental Permits
232 Golf Course Road
Warrensburg, NY 12885-1172
Phone: (518) 623-1286
Fax: (518) 623-3603

NOTE: Most projects involving Air laws and regulations are handled by staff in the Warrensburg office.

Project managers act as the main point of contact between the project sponsor and the Department, coordinating review and ensuring that all DEC regulatory requirements.

Review and decision making is done in accordance with specific program regulations, the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) which requires thorough assessment of potential environmental impacts, and the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA) which dictates time frames and opportunities for public involvement. See links in the right column for more information on these topics.

Ultimately, Environmental Permits staff coordinate review and make permit decisions on all projects subject to the Department's major environmental regulatory programs, under authority of the Environmental Conservation Law:

Environmental Permits staff also review permit applications for Floating Objects Other Than Aids to Navigation (under authority of the Navigation Law). Floating Objects Permit Application (PDF) and Floating Objects Permit Application Checklist (PDF). Use the checklist to ensure you submit a complete application.

Region 5 Environmental Permits receives approximately 1400 permit applications each year; the majority involving Protection of Waters and Freshwater Wetlands permitting jurisdictions. The links below provide guidance and best management practices for projects involving shorelines and streams, as well as instructions for applying for Protection of Waters and Freshwater Wetlands permits.

More about Region 5 Environmental Permits:

  • Municipal General Permit GP-5-12-001 - Criteria and other information regarding a general permit for municipalities undertaking certain projects involving protected streams, navigable waterways and wetlands in DEC Region 5.
  • How to Apply for a Protection of Waters Permit in Region 5 - Applying for a Protection of Waters Permit in DEC Region 5 for disturbances of protected streams, excavation & placement of fill in navigable waters, dams & impoundment structures, and docks & moorings.
  • How to Apply for a Freshwater Wetlands Permit in Region 5 - Applying for a Freshwater Wetlands Permits in Region 5 for draining, dredging, excavating, filling, polluting, erecting structures, or any other activity which substantially impairs any of the functions or benefits of wetlands.