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Permit Programs

Types of DEC Permits

DEC oversees various types of permits that range from recreation and sporting events, to New York's biological resources.

Uniform Procedures Act Permits

Environmental permits protecting New York's air, water, mineral, and biological resources may be subject to the requirements of the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA) and are managed by DEC's Division of Environmental Permits. These include:

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Coastal Erosion Control
  • Freshwater Wetlands
  • Mined Land Reclamation
  • Protection of Waters, including Dams and Docks
  • Public Water Withdrawal and Long Island Wells
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • State Pollutant Discharge and Elimination Systems (SPDES)
  • Tidal Wetlands
  • Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers

For information about permits falling into any of these categories, determine which DEC region the site is located in and then contact the Regional Permit Administrator for that region.

Land Related Permits

Camp on Public Lands - call regional forest ranger for that area, see back country camping contact list

Timber Harvest on State Forest Lands - (518) 402-9428 - Bureau of State Land Management

Timber Harvest on Private Lands - (518) 402-9425 - Bureau of Private Land Services

Access to DEC-Managed Tidal Wetlands - (631) 444-0273 - Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Well - (518) 402-8056 - Division of Mineral Resources

Temporary Revocable Permit (TRP) - Permit for a Group Event, Research or Organized Activity on State Land - Division of Lands and Forests

Fish and Wildlife-related Permits

Sporting Licenses - (518) 402-8845 - Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

Special Licenses and Permits - (518) 402-8985 - Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture Permits - (631) 444-0470 - Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

Deer Management Permits - Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources

Other Permits

Waste Transporters - (518) 402-8792 - Bureau of Solid Waste Management

Pesticide Certification and Registration - (518) 402-8788 - Bureau of Pest Management

Pesticide Certification and Business Registration - (518) 402-8788 - Division of Materials Management

Resources to help with Permitting Requirements

Environmental Resource Mapper (ERM) - Can be used to create and print maps that can be submitted as part of the permit application process.

Environmental Assessment Form Mapper (EAF Mapper) - use this tool to help with location-based information needed in Part 1 of the Environmental Assessment Form.

DEC Permit Applications (DART) Search - the search wizard gives you detailed information on environmental permits processed by DEC under UPA. Including the status of applications issued.

More about Permit Programs:

  • Environmental Permits - How to apply for a New York State DEC Permit
  • Check the Status of a Permit - How to check the status of a pending permit application or renew, modify or transfer an existing permit.
  • General Permits - This page provides links to General Permits available to the public for various activities. Such work may be the result of natural disasters or extraordinary weather, or for other activities that have been determined not to have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Permit Documentation for Notable Projects - Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC (Transco)is proposing the installation of a 26-inch diameter pipeline that would transport natural gas from Pennsylvania through New Jersey.
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