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Special Licenses

Fish and Wildlife Special Licenses and Permits

Special Licenses are issued for the use of fish, wildlife, and other regulated species for activities authorized in Article 11 of the Environmental Conservation Law. These special licenses authorize use of the State's fish and wildlife resources which would otherwise be prohibited. The Department of Environmental Conservation strives to provide the widest range of beneficial uses of these resources while ensuring the health and safety of the public and that of our fish and wildlife populations and their natural environments.

Special Licenses Unit Issued Licenses and Permits

DEC's Special Licenses Unit is responsible for the applications, review and issuance of the licenses listed below.

Black Bear Tracking Dog License
Crocodilian Permit
Crocodilian Registration Permit
Dangerous Animal License
Dead Endangered Species
Delaware River Eel Permit
Depredation Permit
Domestic Game Animal Breeder License (Captive Bred White-tailed Deer License)
Domestic Game Bird Breeder License
Endangered/Threatened Species License
Falconry License
Field Trial License
Fishing Preserve License
Fish Hatchery Permit
See more Freshwater Fish Permits
Leashed Tracking Dog License
Licenses to Collect, Possess or Sell
Licensed Guide Program
License to Liberate Fish and Wildlife
License to use 4-PosterTM Devices to Attract and Treat White Tailed Deer
Modified Longbow Authorization (previously Modified Archery Permit)
Modified Crossbow Permit
Non Ambulatory Hunter Permit
Nuisance Wildlife Control License
Sale of Elephant and Mammoth Ivory or Rhinoceros Horn
Sale of Wild Birds
Shooting Preserve License
Wildlife Rehabilitator License

Additional forms you may need:

The following forms are to be used for any changes or updates to Special License Unit issued licenses and permits.

  • Change of Address Form (PDF) - used for notification of mailing or facility address change, or contact information changes
  • Designated Agent Form (Designated Agents are limited to Exhibition and Scientific Collection licenses only) (PDF)
  • License Amendment Request Form (PDF) - used for requesting modification to an existing license including adding or removing species, authorized or sampling locations.

Freshwater Fisheries Issued Licenses and Permits

DEC Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries is responsible for issuing the below licenses. For questions or concerns, send an email to

Freshwater Bait Fish Dealer License
Fish Stocking Permit
Farm Fish Pond Stocking License (for ponds 10 acres or smaller)
Grass Carp Stocking Permit
Grass Carp Import and Possess Permit

Lands and Forest Issued Licenses and Permits

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