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A map of the SEQR Process:

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Step 1. Classifying the Action Step 2. Complete the Correct Environmental Assessment Form Step 3: Coordinate Review Step 4: Determine Significance Step 4a: Issuing Negative Declarations for Type I and Unlisted Actions Step 4b: Issuing a Conditioned Negative Declaration Step 4c: Issue a Positive Declaration Optional Step: Scope the Draft EIS Step 5: Preparation of the Draft E.I.S. Step 6: Determine the Adequacy of the Draft EIS for Public Review (Accept or Return for Revision) Step 7: Publish Notice that an EIS is Accepted for Public Review Step 8. Public Comment Step 9. Decide Whether to Hold a Public Hearing Step 10. Preparation of the Final EIS Step 11. SEQR Findings