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SPDES Private / Commercial / Institutional (PCI) General Permit

General Permit 0-15-001 (PDF) is for private, commercial and institutional facilities with:


A facility with 2 OWTS, one designed to discharge 9,000 gpd and the other designed for 5,000 gpd would be covered under the PCI GP. (Both conditions are met: No single system discharge >10,000gpd; Total discharge <30,000gpd)

A facility with 2 systems, one designed to discharge 10,100 gpd and the other 5,000 gpd would not be covered under the PCI GP. (One condition not met: A single system discharge >10,000 gpd)

A facility with 4 systems, each designed for a discharge of 8,000 gpd would not be covered under the PCI GP. (One condition not met: Total discharge >30,000 gpd)

**Note: under the SPDES PCI General Permit, a single treatment system will have only one outfall

A facility that has been constructed and is operating in accordance with an individual SPDES permit may apply for conversion to this General Permit.

All facilities require proper operation and routine maintenance of their wastewater treatment system including the septic tank for all systems, and the grease interceptor for facilities with food service. "A Guide to Help Managers of Small Businesses Keep their Wastewater Systems Working Properly (PDF)" has been developed to assist the operator with complying with the PCI General Permit terms and conditions.

Refer to the following documents to determine your eligibility and to apply for the General Permit:

No work may proceed prior to receipt of the Department-validated General Permit.

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