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Invasive Species Permit

Allows a person to either:

  1. Possess with intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce a prohibited invasive species for research, education or other approved activity, or

  2. Introduce a regulated invasive species into a free-living state in New York State.

License Details


There is no fee for this license.

License Duration

This permit shall take effect on the date it is approved by the Department, and shall expire five years thereafter, or upon completion of the approved activity, whichever occurs first.

Age Requirement

There is no age requirement for this license.

What This License Allows:

  1. Possess a prohibited invasive species with intent to:
    • Sell
    • Import
    • Purchase
    • Transport
    • Introduce
  2. Introduce a regulated invasive species into a free-living state

What This License Does Not Allow:

A permit is not required to:

  • Possess or transport a prohibited or regulated invasive species for the purposes of control or management of existing invasive species.

Other Pertinent Information

  • If the possession or introduction of the invasive species is to occur on public land, a written letter of permission must be obtained from the administrating agency before such occurs.

How to Apply

Other Licenses or Documents You May Need

This permit does not affect the authority of the Department of Agriculture and Markets. The Department of Agriculture and Markets shall inspect registered growers and dealers of plant material pursuant to Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 14 section 166, for compliance with 6 NYCRR Part 575.

Renewing & Reporting

License Renewal

A renewal request must be received prior to the expiration date of any existing license.

Annual Reporting

Each permittee shall keep a current, correct and complete record of all permit activities.

Laws & Regulations

New York Codes Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)

Environmental Conservation Law (ECL)

  • Section 9-1709 (link leaves DEC website) to find this law click on the link, click on ENV, find Article 9, and click on the law.
  • Section 71-0703 (link leaves DEC website) to find this law click on the link, click on ENV, find Article 71, and click on the law.

Contact Information

NYS DEC, Division of Lands and Forests, Invasive Species Coordination Unit
Address: 625 Broadway, Floor 5, Albany, NY 12233-4250
Phone: 518-402-9405

Additional Resources and Information

Frequently Asked Questions for 6 NYCRR Part 575 and a list of prohibited and regulated species can be found on the NYSDEC Invasive Species Regulations webpage.

Other Related or Similar Licenses

DEC also issues the following licenses for permitting biological control activities:

  • Liberation of Fish and Wildlife Bio-control
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