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State Underwater Lands

The following is a listing of underwater shellfish lands which are under State jurisdiction. Distances noted are estimated. More precise descriptions may be obtained from the Long Island State Parks and Recreation Commission, or from local government officials of townships adjacent to specific areas.

Portions of some areas described below are designated as Uncertified for the taking of shellfish. State Law prohibits the harvesting of shellfish from Uncertified Areas. If you plan to harvest shellfish from any of the State Lands listed below, please call the Marine Permit Office to obtain a Town "Notice to Shellfish Harvesters" for that area or visit "Sanitary Condition of Shellfish Lands" for complete descriptions of the uncertified areas.

  1. That area of Great South Bay within 500 feet of either side of the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge (Town of Islip).
  2. That area of South Oyster Bay and Great South Bay within 50 feet of either side of the State Boat Channel (Towns of Oyster Bay and Babylon).
  3. That area of Great South Bay within 1000 feet of Heckscher State Park (Town of Islip).
  4. Hallocks Bay (Long Beach Bay) and Little Bay including the area south of the centerline thereof, in Orient Beach State Park (Town of Southold).
  5. That area of Hempstead Harbor* lying northerly of Bar Beach (also known as North Hempstead Beach). *Note: Only a portion of the outer Hempstead Harbor is certified for the harvest of shellfish.
  6. That area of Long Island Sound, excluding harbors, bays (except Smithtown Bay), rivers and creeks, lying east of a line originating at the northernmost tip of Matinicock Point (Town of Oyster Bay) and extending in a northeasterly direction on a True bearing of 18 degrees east, to the New York - Connecticut State boundary (Towns of Oyster Bay, Huntington, Smithtown, Brookhaven, Riverhead, and Southold).
  7. Flanders Bay and Great Peconic Bay, excluding harbors, ponds and creeks tributary thereto (Towns of Riverhead, Southold, and Southampton).
  8. Little Peconic Bay (including Cutchogue Harbor, Pipes Cove, Hog Neck Bay, Southold Bay, Shelter Island Sound, Noyac Bay, Sag Harbor and Northwest Harbor), excluding harbors, ponds and creeks tributary thereto (Towns of Southold, Shelter Island, Southampton, and East Hampton).
  9. Gardiners Bay (including Orient Harbor) excluding harbors, ponds and creeks tributary thereto, except as noted in 4 above (Towns of Southold, Shelter Island and East Hampton).

Notes: Local townships claiming control over underwater shellfish lands frequently require an additional commercial or recreational permit issued by the town. If you plan on harvesting shellfish from underwater lands other than those identified above, it is suggested that you contact the local town government to obtain appropriate information on permits, harvest limits, etc. The State of New York owns all underwater lands in the State, except those which have been legally obtained by some other means.